Welcome to Bronty’s Waddler Classroom

For Children 1 Year to 1 1/2 Years

Welcome to Bronty’s Waddler Classroom at Moon Valley Prep, where we prioritize building robust and positive connections with your little ones in a secure and stimulating environment. The journey from infancy to toddlerhood is a thrilling phase marked by the exploration of independence, the acquisition of self-help skills, and the discovery of a dynamic environment. In the MVP Waddler program, toddlers are not only encouraged but empowered to learn through a blend of structured activities and unstructured play, both indoors and outdoors. As your child navigates this transformative period, the nurturing relationships with our caregivers remain a cornerstone, playing a vital role in the learning process and the formation of new social bonds with their peers.

Toddler Class
Toddlers in our Bronty’s Waddler Program enjoy:

Reading Books and Singing: We spark the love for language through captivating stories and joyful melodies. Reading books and singing not only enhance language skills but also create a delightful and engaging environment for our toddlers.

Movement and Outdoor Play: Toddlers embrace the joy of movement and outdoor exploration. Through activities designed to enhance motor skills and foster a connection with nature, our little ones enjoy a world of discovery and physical development.

Crafts: Creativity knows no bounds in our Toddler Program. Through age-appropriate crafts, toddlers explore their artistic side, fostering fine motor skills and self-expression in a fun and supportive environment.

Music Enrichment: Our music enrichment activities introduce toddlers to the wonderful world of rhythm and melody. From lively tunes to interactive sessions, these activities not only bring joy but also contribute to the development of auditory and cognitive skills.

Sensory and Artistic Play: Toddlers engage in sensory-rich and artistic play, exploring different textures, colors, and materials. These activities stimulate their senses and encourage creative expression, laying the foundation for a lifelong appreciation of the arts.

Free Play: Freedom to explore and create is vital in our Toddler Program. Through unstructured free play, toddlers develop decision-making skills, imagination, and social competence, fostering a sense of independence.

Learn How to Cleanup: Toddlers begin to understand the importance of responsibility and organization through simple cleanup activities. This essential skill not only promotes a tidy environment but also instills a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Lunch & Snack Time: Mealtime is a social and nourishing experience in our program. Toddlers gather for lunch and snacks, fostering social skills, healthy eating habits, and independence as they learn to feed themselves.

Nap Time: Recognizing the importance of rest, our program includes dedicated nap times. A peaceful and comfortable environment allows toddlers to recharge, ensuring they are ready for more exciting adventures after a rejuvenating break.

Personal Attention: Each toddler receives personalized attention from our caring staff. This individualized approach supports emotional well-being, promotes a sense of security, and encourages positive interactions throughout the day.

Tons of Affection: Above all, our toddlers are enveloped in a world of love and affection. Warm hugs, gentle encouragement, and nurturing interactions create a positive atmosphere where toddlers feel valued and secure as they explore and learn.

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