Welcome to Chomper’s Pre-K Classroom

Pre-Kindergarten for Children 4 Years to 5 Years

Our 4 year olds enjoy more flexibility as we drive home the basics required for kindergarten and look forward to our graduates moving on to a successful first year of school. We provide learning environments that encourage creativity and imaginative play where they can focus on their interests inside and outside. They also enjoy hands-on activities that stimulate and encourage positive brain connections.

Pre-Kindergarten Activities include:
  • Outdoor and free play
  • Clean up time
  • Books, books, and more books
  • Blocks and puzzles
  • Math and science
  • Art and music
  • Language and writing
  • Team activities
  • Dramatic play
  • Lunch & snack time
  • Tons of encouragement and affection!

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Stay involved with your child’s day-to-day activities, share milestones in real time, and reinforce what we teach in the classroom when we share curriculum and learning objectives. You can also view messages and daily logs on our parent engagement app.

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