Welcome to the MVP Homework Club

Welcome to the Moon Valley Prep Homework Club —a place where learning continues beyond the classroom, and children discover new realms of knowledge, creativity, and friendship. Our After School Program is designed to provide a stimulating and nurturing environment for students to thrive in their academic and social pursuits.

Kids in our MVP Homework Club Program enjoy:

Engaging Enrichment Activities:
At Moon Valley Prep, we believe in making the after-school hours both enriching and enjoyable. Our program offers a diverse range of activities, from creative arts and science explorations to exciting physical activities. With engaging options tailored to each child’s interests, we foster a love for learning in a supportive setting.

Homework Support:
We understand the importance of a seamless transition from school to home. Our dedicated staff provides a structured homework support system, ensuring that students receive assistance and encouragement as they complete their assignments. This approach not only reinforces academic concepts but also instills a sense of responsibility and accomplishment.

Social and Emotional Development:
Beyond academics, the After School Program places a strong emphasis on social and emotional development. Through team-building activities, cooperative games, and group discussions, children develop essential interpersonal skills, forming friendships and creating a positive community within the program.

Nutritious Snacks:
We prioritize the well-being of our students by offering nutritious snacks during the After School Program. These energy-boosting treats provide the fuel needed for their active and engaging pursuits, ensuring they stay refreshed and focused.

Outdoor Exploration:
Our program recognizes the importance of outdoor play and exploration. Children have the opportunity to enjoy supervised outdoor activities that promote physical health, creativity, and a connection with nature. The outdoor space becomes a canvas for imagination and active play.

Safe and Secure Environment:
At Moon Valley Prep, safety is our top priority. The After School Program takes place in a secure and monitored environment, providing parents with peace of mind knowing that their children are in capable hands. Our dedicated staff ensures a safe and supportive atmosphere for every child.

Flexible Scheduling Options:
We understand the diverse needs of families, which is why our After School Program offers flexible scheduling options. Whether your child attends every day or specific days of the week, we aim to accommodate your family’s unique schedule and ensure a convenient and accessible program for all.

Communication with Parents:
Open communication is key to our success. Our team maintains a strong line of communication with parents, providing regular updates on activities, achievements, and any noteworthy moments during the After School Program. This collaborative approach ensures that parents are actively involved in their child’s after-school experience.

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Stay involved with your child’s day-to-day activities, share milestones in real time, and reinforce what we teach in the classroom when we share curriculum and learning objectives. You can also view messages and daily logs on our parent engagement app.

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