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Moon Valley Preparatory Academy

Achieving excellence as a result of Interactive, Hands-on, Curriculum Based Learning. Whether we’re furthering the educational experience of a 4-year old, cultivating a toddler’s talents, or introducing an infant to art: our focus isn’t in what we impart to these young minds, but in unveiling their inherent potential!  At Moon Valley Prep, we believe every child has natural gifts and talents. Our Learning Directors nurture these gifts through engaging activities, enabling children to learn at their own individual pace in a way they understand (with group and individual experiences).

Limited spots for children ages 6 Weeks through Pre-Kindergarten
Before and After School Care, drop off service available
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The classrooms at Moon Valley Prep are divided into six teams: Infants, Waddlers, Toddlers, Early Preschoolers, Preschoolers, and Pre-Kindergarten. Each team has a core teacher and a mentor teacher, who is available to mentor and support teachers with curriculum development, classroom environments, and team building.
Infant Class

6 Weeks – 1 Year

At Moon Valley Prep, we develop strong, positive attachments with your children in a safe, engaging environment that nurtures the development of the whole child.

Toddler Class

1 Year to 1 1/2 Years

During transition from infancy to toddlerhood relationships with caregivers continue to be an integral part of the learning process as new social relationships form with their peers.

1 1/2 Years – 2 1/2 Years

Social-emotional skill building is a key focus in our toddler classrooms, helping children learn to express their needs and emotions through their growing language.

Toddler Class

2 1/2 Years – 3 Years

Moon Valley Prep continues social and emotional skill building while introducing basic concepts of math, science, language, literacy, movement, and more.

Preschooler in Day Care

3 Years – 4 Years

3-year-olds enjoy much more autonomy as we build on prior years by integrating free play with larger educational and social concepts.

Toddler Class

4 Years to 5 Years

At four years we focus on the basics required for kindergarten and on having our graduates move on to a successful first year of school.

Moon Valley – North Phoenix Area

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